Training and Demo Videos

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TESS – Registering new students

TESS – Setup student photos

TESS – Print mailing labels, student ID cards, Letterwriter

TESS – Name formatting

TESS – Assign demographics

TESS – Change the screen background

TESS – Enrollment — Setup

TESS – Setup student codes

TESS – Promoting students and switching school years

TESS – Setup class lists and add students to classes

TESS – Cumulative Mark Averages

TESS – Discipline and Behavior tracking

WebTESS – Setup access for teachers

WebTESS — WebAttendance by class

WebTESS — WebMarks by class

WebTESS — WebGradebook for teachers

TESS – Set TRAX data

TESS – Assign BC data globally

TESS – PEN requests for new students

TESS – BC 1701 data collection

TESS – Installing updates and registering TESS

TESS – Setup users