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AutoSchedule Students

How to Select Students

This program schedules students into the master schedule built by the Course Master Builder program or other means.

Note: This program will back-up your entire Websched database.  See explanation of this back-up process in the Tools menu.

The primary objective of this program is to maximize the number of students with complete schedules. Within this objective the AutoScheduler will place students to balance class sizes.

At the end each student will be in one of six categories:

Category Explanation Action
1 No Requests Investigate
2 Incomplete Compulsory Missing a C course Top priority to fix it
3 Incomplete Optional Missing an O course Lower priority
4 Complete Light Load Scheduled into all requested courses, but less than a full load Investigate, might be OK
5 Complete Overload Received a full schedule, extra courses were not scheduled No problem
6 Complete Best result

A list of students will be created for each of these categories. Before you leave the AutoScheduler program you can examine and print these lists, and look into each student’s schedule.

TIP 1: AutoScheduler has an option to observe or ignore class size limits. In the early stages of scheduling we recommend that you ignore class limits. If you get a bad balance, like 14, 23, 36, you might consider collapsing the small section and doubling up in the period of the big section.   The balance will probably improve to about 22, 24, 27.  In the latter stages of scheduling you should observe class limits.

TIP 2: On the other hand, if you get 14, 23, 36, lowering the class limit to 27 without doubling up the big section will NOT improve the balance.  You will merely increase the conflicts.