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Free Trial

WebSched is presented to you as a FREE TRIAL. Our intent is to give you full opportunity to convince yourself that WebSched is a complete school scheduling system that will work for your school, with your problems, your hardware and your staff.

When you are convinced, we hope that you will choose to buy WebSched.

This is a complete version of WebSched, but pre-loaded with a data set of 200 students, about 50 courses, and reasonably sensible course requests. The idea is that you can experiment with this small school. It has a simple schedule module of eight periods in the day, and all courses year through.

You can do all WebSched functions. You can add more students, give them course requests, build a schedule, assign classes to students, print schedules and classlists. You can even change the schedule to semestered, quartered, or two day. (Do not change from a one day cycle unless you need to. It will waste some of your free Runs.)

Every screen has a help button. Reading these helps will explain that screen’s function and help you understand WebSched.

When you are ready, you can clear the 200 student data set and enter all or some of your school’s data. Then proceed to schedule your school for the upcoming school year.

The only restriction in this trial is that you are restricted to TEN RUNS. A RUN is a Master Schedule Build, or an AutoSchedule, or an Express Run (this is explained more fully below), WebSched will count down your runs and warn you when you are getting close, and what to do about it.

We suggest that you start the trial in the middle. That is, before you change the data, run the Express Run. Examine the results and read some documentation. Then work backwards to change course requests and register more students. That will give you a good idea of how WebSched works. Then address your particular concerns.

Through this trial you can ask us questions through email. You will receive a reply the next working day. This is the same service that a regular customer receives.