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Globally Edit Course Requests

How to Select Students

You use this screen to add, delete or change student course requests for multiple students. There is also a screen to change an individual student’s requests. Or you may have been able to transfer the course request data automatically from another computer database.

As examples:

1.0 Add Math8, Eng8, Fre8, Sci8, SocSci8 to all grade 8 students.
1.1 Then Add PhysEd8B to all grade 8 boys.
1.2 Then Add PhysEd8G to all grade 8 girls.

2.0 Add Fre10 to all grade 10’s.
2.1 Then Replace Fre10 by Fre10X for a list of 20 students.

3.0 Add Private Study to all grade 12 student who have a free period.

Generally, you would use this screen to add or edit the compulsory courses to all students. You would use the Edit Individual Course Requests screen for the optional course requests.