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Edit Individual Student Schedules

The little green squares at the top left of this screen indicate which periods are occupied or empty.

This screen can be used to improve a student schedule during the building schedule process. This is a limited use because as soon as the Builder or the AutoScheduler is run the improvements with be overwritten.

The more critical use is during the first days of school, when changes and new students appear.

A new student’s course requests can be keyed into this screen, then Instantly Scheduled to fit into the available seats in the master schedule. Similarly any student changes in request or school imposed changes can be instantly rescheduled into the available seats.

Any change in a student’s courses will affect his printed schedule, and will change the class lists for any courses affected.

The Instant Schedule routine offers you several options.

1. Do you want to observe class size limits with this student? If you do not observe the limits this student might overfill a class. You decide if this is acceptable.

2. Do you want to replace this student’s existing scheduled classes?  This might affect sixteen classlists.  Or do you want to keep existing class lists intact as far as possible?

3. You may want to use the Instant Schedule to ensure this student gets all his Compulsory courses, and leave his optional courses to more subjective treatment.

4. After the Instant Schedule you have the option to accept the new schedule, or to revert to the existing schedule.