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Post-Scheduling Analysis

After your students have been allocated a schedule by the AutoScheduler there is a great deal of data that should be checked. Post-Scheduling Analysis summarizes this data to guide you to problems that might need fixing.

Post-Scheduling analysis gives tallies of thirteen factors. By clicking on the factor you can examine the details and decide remedies.

1  No requests
 Invalid Schedules He has a course which is not offered. Might be difficult to fix. Possibly delete this student and register again.
3  Conflicting Schedules A human error in changing a student schedule, or possibly the master schedule.  Must be fixed.
4  Incomplete Compulsory Must be fixed
5  Incomplete Optional Lower priority.  Change the student’s request.
6  Complete – Light Load Examine each student there might be errors
7  Complete – Overload Low priority
8  Complete Good
9  Classes without Teachers Rearrange teachers
10  Classes without Rooms Rearrange rooms
11  Overloaded Classes Might be acceptable. Or add section.
12  Teachers with Conflicts Rearrange teachers
13  Rooms with Conflicts Rearrange rooms