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Student Registration

In this screen you register the students in your school. You can key in the data, or you may have been able to transfer the student data automatically from another computer database.

The only data field that is essential to WebSched is Student Last Name.

Every last name, first name combination must be unique. If you have two boys called John Smith in your school, you should record Smith John and Smith John2.

All other data fields are optional.

If, for example: All boys in grade 10 must request PhysEd 10B, then you should record the gender and grade of your students.

All lists and reports of student data will be presented by grade, alphabetically by last name, first name. WebSched is case insensitive. That is, mouse mickey is the same as MOUSE Mickey.

(This is also true of Teacher Names and Course Names. Eng10 is the same as ENG10. But Eng 10 is different.)

In this screen you can also Delete a student record. This will remove the student’s name, his schedule and remove him from ClassLists.