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Setup Courses

In this screen you name the courses that you intend to teach in the upcoming school year. You can also add some data about each course.

The Course Names are case insensitive. That is, in WebSched ENG10, eng10, Eng10 will be considered the same course. But Eng 10 (note the space) will not be recognized as the same as Eng10. Special characters can be included in the Course Name.

Course Type
In this screen the Course Type will default to Optional (O).

There are four Course Types:

C – Compulsory Courses will be assigned to a student before other Course Types. C courses might be mandated in the school curriculum. Or for an individual student a course might be deemed essential to their curriculum.

Eng10 is compulsory for all grade 10 students.
Bio12 is essential for a student wishing to progress to medical school.

O – Optional Courses will be assigned to a student after the C courses. The default value of Course Type is O.

A – Alternate Courses are used to complete a student’s schedule if he cannot get all his O’s. They should be used only in the late stages of the scheduling cycle, when school is about to open.

If a grade 12 cannot be scheduled to all his requests, assign him to Study Hall.

X – eXcluded Courses are ignored by all functions of WebSched. They are simply carried through the process to appear on student schedules or class lists at the end of the process.

A student is studying music outside the school, but will be granted a credit for it. At 07h30 every morning the Marching Band practices.

Class Limit
The default value of this field is the Class Limit which was declared in the menu Setup School. However, you can increase or decrease this School Class Limit for specific courses.