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Unschedule Students

How to Select Students

For the selected students, this program removes the students’ schedules and removes the students from class lists. NOTE: It does NOT remove the students’ course requests.

The AutoScheduler program performs this same function in preparation of the scheduling process.

Unschedule Students is frequently used in the latter stages of scheduling when you want to focus on a specific group of students.

As an example: you satisfied with most of your schedule for next year.  But the year end Math11 results are disappointing.  So you have decided to introduce a section of remedial course Math11R.  To do this you create a File of 25 students, replace Math11 by Math11R for this file, Unschedule this file, add a section Math11R to the master schedule, then AutoSchedule all students without replacing schedules.  The result of this will be the 25 students will be removed from their regular Math11 class, and scheduled, if possible, into the Math11R class.

Or, in your school, you might be so elated with the Math11 results, you decide to add a section of Calculus 11.