Online Teaching Tips for Teachers

Online learning has become a necessary tool for educators and students in the current environment. Here are some tips that may to help teachers navigate the move to remote learning.

Keep It Simple

Develop online learning experiences with clear instructions and expectations, try to use one or a maximum of two resources. Clear objectives will promote student engagement and participation.

Online learning, in general, is more effective for review. Focus on what students have already learned, rather than introducing new material. For new information, break it up over several shorter lessons.

Create an Online Hub

Establish a single online hub for students to visit for up-to-date information. The online hub may be a learning management system provided by the district or the school (e.g. WebTESS, Google Classrooms or Microsoft Teams), or it can a class website that you create. A single online hub allows students to feel comfortable visiting the same site and using the same online tools.

Synchronous Learning

It is important to balance both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Online learning as a group allows teachers and students to maintain social connections. Don’t try to replicate a regular school day, you may find that it is ineffective through remote learning.

Asynchronous Learning

Focus on assignments that are longer term with clear milestones and reporting points. Keep students engaged by allowing them opportunities to make their own choices and have discussions with friends and family.

Assign projects and activities for students to work on offline to decrease the amount of time students spend in front of their screens. Offline tasks are also a great way to engage students without electronic devices or internet access, or who can’t sit still in front of a screen for extended periods of time.

Consistant Contact with Students

Check-in with students regularly via telephone calls, emails, chat messages, video conferences, etc. Establish a structure that works for you and stick with it.


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