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Designated Teachers

You choose which teachers you would allow to teach each course. You can choose one teacher, or many. The more you choose the more likely you are to assign a teacher to each course.

After designating teachers to all courses, and after achieving a fairly good AutoScheduler result, you use the Teacher Scheduler to assign teachers to classes.

Building a schedule for your school is a study in compromise. A very good schedule from the student viewpoint means few student schedule conflicts; but this may be a poor schedule from the teachers’ viewpoints, non-optimum teaching assignments, uneven workloads, awkward timing. And vice versa.

WebSched’s approach to this problem is to allow you to build the best schedule for students, and then address the teacher problem. If you need to damage the students’ schedule to satisfy a teacher restraint, at least you will know the extent of the damage. Some critical teacher issues can be resolved by using Resource Groups.

In a school of 1,000 students there are about 50 teachers, and 8,000 course requests. Generally human intelligence can make subjective judgments on 50 teacher situations, better than coping with 8,000 course requests. Whereas the computer can shovel around 8,000 course requests very efficiently, but has no capacity to make subjective judgments on one teacher problem.