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Export to ASCII

If you are already using a school administration system WebSched can transfer all or some of the scheduling results to that system.  BUT, this transfer will require some technical skills and co-operation from the managers of the other system.  Before you rely on this transfer you should ensure that the required assistance is forthcoming.  We will help wherever we can.

The data is transferred from WebSched in six separate files: Student Schedules, Master Schedule, and Students, Courses, Course Requests,  Teachers.

The transfer process is simple. Under the Tools menu, choose Export to  ASCII.  Then choose which data you wish to export.  Student Schedules, Master Schedule are, of course, the vital files at this point.

Press Export.  From this point you are no longer in the WebSched system.  The transfer through your operating system into your school administration system will require some technical know-how.