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Student Selection

You use this screen to create a list of students upon which you need to perform another function. These lists are a powerful function of WebSched. Examples of functions are: Adding Course Requests, AutoScheduling, Unscheduling

The default choice is All Students.

Other examples:
You can select only the boys – gender = M.
You can select the senior girls – gender = F, grades = 11 and 12.

Whenever you make a selection you can save that list for future use. As an example, select senior girls and save the list named SrG. Then you can use this list to add PhysEd12G to the SrG students, and then Auto-Schedule these SrG students.

Also, WebSched itself creates named lists of students. For example, the Auto-Scheduler creates a list named Auto-Light.Loads that contains all students who requested less than a full load. These automatic lists are documented in the appropriate functions.