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My Marks — Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I start?

In the Home screen, the Checklist shows the basic steps for using MyMarks.

You can begin by adding students and putting them into classes. Choose “Add students” from the checklist in the main screen, or click the “School” menu and choose “Add/edit students”.

What’s the difference between the Free trial, Teacher edition
and School edition?

In the free trial, you have access to all of MyMarks, except for email, and you are limited to sharing the database with up to 5 teachers. In the Teacher edition, you can send reports to parents and students by email and share your database with up to 10 teachers. In the School edition, you have unlimited classes, teachers, you can email with parents and invite parents to access their child’s data online.

Features Free Edition Teacher Edition School Edition
Number of teachers  5  10  Unlimited
Setup students, courses and classes
Customizable gradebooks
Create up to 20 worksheets
Create up to 100 columns per worksheet
Many reports, class lists and student reports
Download classlists
Import from TESS
Email communications
Parent/student access
Import/export functions
Admin user who can change teacher settings, restrict access

How do I add students into classes?

Choose “Add students” from the checklist in the main screen, or click the “School” menu and choose “Add/edit students”.  Click the “Add” button, and enter in the name of the student, grade level, etc.  You can set the student # to match your school student #s.

After you have added students into the system, you can setup classes and put the students into the classes.

How do I setup classes?

Click the “School” menu and choose “Setup course names”. Enter in the course #, course name. The course type is optional, but is usually a code such as “O” for optional, or “C” for compulsory.  The Code and Level are used for state/provincial course codes and grade level.

When you create a new course, the program immediately creates a new class section, where you can set the period or blocks for the class, and then add students into classes.

To add a student into a class, in the Edit class screen, click the Browse button and select a student, or type in the student name or number.

How can I copy students into other classes?

Click the “School” menu and choose “Setup course names”. Select the course you want to copy from the list.  Then select the class you want to copy. When the class list appears, click the “Copy” icon and the bottom of the screen, just beside the “Close” button.

Once you have clicked “Copy”, you will see a new “Paste” icon appear.

Close the class, and switch to the new class (create the new course and section) and then edit the new class and click the “Paste” icon — this will copy all the students from the other class into the new class.

How can I upload student photos?

Go to the “School” menu and choose “Add/edit students”. Click on any student to edit the student data, then click the blank student photo and select the photo from your computer to be uploaded. It will then be matched with the student and will appear automatically in class lists and seating plans

How do I setup letter grades and comments?

Click the “School” menu and choose “Letter grades” and enter in the acceptable letter grades for your school. For comments, go to “School”, then “Comments” and enter in each comment with a comment # and then the comment text.

When you assign comments to students, you can select from these comments, and also enter anecdotal comments.

How do I setup columns for tests?

Under “Grades”, “Enter data by class”, select the class you want to work on. When a class is first created, there is a blank spreadsheet with 10 columns. Click on the column heading to change the heading, column weight, column group, etc.

To change the weight of column groups (such as Tests, Homework, etc), click the “Gradebook” menu and choose “Edit this spreadsheet”.

What is the difference between Term marks and Gradebook

Term marks include a letter grade or % mark, work habit, attendance and 2 comments. These are the marks usually reported to parents on report cards each term or semester.

Gradebook columns contain all your marks for homework, tests, quizzes, exams, etc, which are used all year and included in the overall Avg% calculation.

When you first start using MyMarks, each class has a spreadsheet of gradebook columns. The Term marks are hidden. Click the Show marks button to reveal the Term mark columns.

How can I enter comments for students?

To enter a comment into the Term marks, go into the Comment1 or Comment2 column. You can select from the defined comments by clicking the drop-down arrow, or click the pencil icon to enter a custom anecdotal comment for a student.

How can I enter student notes?

To enter notes for a student, click the pencil icon to the left of a student’s name. The notes are private and can only be seen by the teacher.

How do I print reports?

When you are entering marks, you can click the Gradebook menu and select from a number of reports, including class lists, and student reports.

How can I sort classes by overall average? Or by a mark

Go to “Grades”, “Enter data by class” and select the class you want to work with. Then choose the “Gradebook” menu and choose “Print class list”.  Select any of the columns to print from the left-side and choose any column on the right-side to sort.

How do I setup learning outcomes or course objectives?

Click the “School” menu and choose “Setup course objectives”. Then select a course from the list. Enter in each learning outcome or course objective. Click “Save” when you are finished.

How do I enter student assessments?

Setup course objectives first, then go to “Grades”, “Enter data by class” and select the class you want to work with. Click on the name of any student to bring up the course objectives, and then enter in any assessment code (or mark), along with any comment for each course objective.

How can I email reports to parents or students?

When you add or edit students, you can enter the email address for the parent or student (enter multiple emails separated by commas). Then you when you print any of the student reports (from within the gradebook) you can click the Email button to send the reports to and selected students.

How do I invite parents to view student data?

Go to “Grades”, “Enter data by class” and select the class whose parents you want to invite to view student data. Then choose the “Gradebook” menu and choose “Invite parents”. Select the students whose parents you want to invite from the left-side and click “Send”.

How do I enter homework assignments?

Go to “Grades”, “Enter data by class” and select the class you want to work with. Click the “Homework” button which appears at the top of the class list.

In the Homework screen, click on any date and enter in the details of the homework for that date. You can also use this function to announce upcoming events.

You can email the Homework report to anyone in your class, and parents and students can view this report, along with other reports if you invite them to access MyMarks.