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Update from Tess by Teacher

This function updates and merges a Tess by Teacher database generated by your school’s Tess administration program into MyMarks.

New rooms will always be added.

Teachers are matched by name and only new teachers will be added.

Courses are matched by course number, otherwise they are considered a new course.

Report periods will not be updated.

Comments are matched by their comment numbers. Matching comments will be updated with the information from Tess by Teacher, otherwise new comments are appended to the list of pre-defined comments.

Definitions for letter grades, work habit, and attendance codes will always be replaced with the Tess by Teacher data.

Existing course assessment codes that match codes in the Tess by Teacher database will not be updated. Only new course assessment definitions will be added.

Course objective definitions are matched by the wording of the objective. Only new course objective definitions will be added.

Students are matched by their local ID or their external number. All demographic data will be updated or added into MyMarks.

Master schedule – classes are matched by their course number and section.

Student marks and student assessments in the Tess by Teacher database will be ignored.