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Student Schedules in Timetable Format

How to Select Students

This report is intended only for schools how have relatively complicated structures to their school day (or semester or year).  As two examples, the 5×8 format wherein students take eight courses, five each day on rotation; Or the similar 5×5 format.  This report can be used if your school needs to scramble the schedule to accommodate snow days, monsoons, strikes, revolutions, or other mishaps.

The idea is to map the periods in the scheduling cycle to periods in the day.  Using the 5×8 to map the eight periods ABCDEFGH to the five periods in the day:

AFCHEGBD          or            AFCHE

BGDAFHCE                          BGDAF

CHEBGADF                          CHEBG

DAFCHBEG                          DAFCH

EBGDACFH                         EBGDX