MyMarks is a web-based gradebook system for teachers, hosted by Harts Systems Ltd. It is a stand-alone system designed to make it easy for teachers to enter end-of-term marks, and keep track of their own homework assignments, tests, class work and exams.

  • Track all homework assignments, quizzes, class work and exams.
  • Automatically calculates overall marks based on column weights.
  • Easily publish homework and marks online.
  • Share gradebook spreadsheets with other teachers.
  • Print classes, assignment lists and student reports.

Using MyMarks, teachers can setup mark columns for homework, tests, quizzes, class work, exams — anything they want — columns can be weighted and averaged automatically to calculate the overall mark.

Features Free Edition Teacher Edition School Edition
Number of teachers  5  10  Unlimited
Setup students, courses and classes
Customizable gradebooks
Create up to 20 worksheets
Create up to 100 columns per worksheet
Many reports, class lists and student reports
Download classlists
Import from TESS
Email communications
Parent/student access
Import/export functions
Admin user who can change teacher settings, restrict access

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